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Por Bart Vanhaeren

With CL!ng, getting all the information and specs about your OpenCL enabled device just got a lot easier.
Browse device compute capabilities, memory specifications and even get some idea about the OpenCL performance of your device with build-in test routines for memory bandwidth and practical floating point performance.

Device & compute specifications

Get general information about your OpenCL enabled device in your computer, wether they are CPU or GPU based. See which OpenCL version is implemented and supported by your device and get information about its compute capabilities such as number of compute units, clock frequency, support for double precision floating point, etc...

Memory & types specifications

The memory information overview lists specifics about the memory architecture of your OpenCL device, including detailed information about supported data types and object sizes.

Memory and compute performance

CL!ng uses standard OpenCL APIs to measure memory copy bandwidth from host-to-device, device-to-host and device-to-device.

The OpenCL Mandelbrot calculation routines measure floating point performance for both single and double precision in scalar as well as vector variants (when supported by the device).


CL!ng supports OpenCL compatible devices from Intel, AMD (including older ATI models) and nVidia implementing OpenCL version 1.0 or higher.

CL!ng requires macOS 10.8 or later.
OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Notas de la versión

29/09/2017 | Versión : 1.0 | Tamaño : 13,9 MB


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