Arte de la Guerra: Marea Roja 4/5

Arte de la Guerra: Marea Roja

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Arte de la Guerra: Marea Roja (Art of War: Red Tides) es un juego competitivo global en equipo en tiempo real, que es justo para todos y romper el limite de regiones. podría retar a otro en cualquiera esquina global. Soporte a luchar juntos por más de 200 unidades, que le atrae a usted una experiencia épica increíble. La cooperación dentro del equipo es la clave para ganar en este juego. así es el juego: Arte de la Guerra: Marea Roja.

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Reglas del juego
Muy simple que sólo tiene 3 frases:
- Combinar las tropas razonables: confirmar un género, y seleccionar 10 armas de ejercicio para formarse una tropa, y luego empezar la lucha.
- Atacar en tiempo real: hay 12 segundos para preparar antes de cada turno, observar la situación y acertar los motivos del enemigo, para seleccionar el tipo y la cantidad del arma de ejercicio adecuado para luchar.
- Destruir la defensa del enemigo: ajustar el tipo de armas de ejercicio, utilizar habilidad para cooperar al compañero de equipo, destruir la defecan de las tres torres del enemigo para ganar la victoria de la guerra.

Características del juego
- Prestar atención a la cooperación dentro del equipo y la confrontación de equipos. soporte a la batalla mundial.
- Escenas calientes de la guerra. soporta la lucha de tiempo real para más de 200 unidades de combate independientes.
- Modelo fácil para liderar. la combinación adecuada entre el pensamiento y la operación, compatible con plataformas diferentes.
- Más de 120 unidades de tres géneros para elegir. fortalecer la consideración estratégica como el factor de clave del juego, que tiene rutinas muy profundas, cuales le hacen fácil de jugar pero difícil de dominar.

Modo de comercio:
- Arte de la Guerra: Marea Roja es es un juego justo de competitividad en equipo en tiempo real.
- Descargar gratis + modo de comercio dentro del juego

Sinceramente esperamos sus sugerencias y opiniones. ¡Vela, comandante!

【Details about Subscribe】
-Subscribe period: 1 month
-Subscribe price: 4.99 USD/month (or local equivalent)
-Subscribe content: you will enjoy 5 privileges during your subscription
1. Light the crown
2. Extra loot chest
3. Coins & exp bonus
4. Daily gems (sent by mail)
5. Free exclusive skins that only for subscriber
-Subscribe will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and it will renew automatically unless you turn it off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
-You can manage your subscription by going to “Setting” - “iTunes & App stores” - tap your Apple ID - “View Apple ID” - “Subscription” - “Art of War: Red Tides” - -cancel subscription
-Privacy policy:;
-Terms of service:;


Notas de la versión

13/02/2019 | Versión : 1.5.4 | Tamaño : 1,4 GB
Voice chat is coming!

How to use
·Voice chat is available in team-up phase, battle preparation and battles.
·In team-up phase and battle preparation, tap the voice icon to turn it on/off.
·In battles, tap the chat box on the right, and then tap the voice icon to turn it on/off.

13/12/2017 | Versión : 1.2.0 | Tamaño : 1,1 GB
【New Features】
1.Fully compatible with iPhone X
2.Runes reforge system: added runes crush and reforge features
3.Runes Upgrade Information: You can see the next level info of the selected rune, and the number of coins or gems required to upgrade it
4.Match overview: Optimized the MVP display
5.Added Units Kill-Streak announcement
6.Redesigned some units that have low play rate
7.Added two new skins to the subscription privileges: ‘Voodoo Shaman’ series skins for the Bloodmist Bat and Raging Bonekite

1.One free ticket every 5 day changed to one free ticket a day for the Arena
2.Added countdown clock to the Arena Mode
3.Skins will be painted automatically after receiving them
4.Optimized the in-game tips, now the in-game tips will be more clear and intelligible
5.Commanders can now check what a unit looks like in different skins in the animation of Unit Info
6.Added three Halloween related runes to the Store
7.Added the description of ’The Ancient Egg has 15 armors’, so units with attack lower than 15 cannot deal damage to the Ancient Egg
8.iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 (Gen.2) now support up to 60 fps with maximum graphic quality

【Bug Fixes】
1.Fixed several bugs that will cause iPhone8 and iPad Air2 to crash
2.Fixed several bugs that will cause game errors
3.Fixed the loading error of store posters
4.Fixed the problem that game patch may be downloaded repeatedly when device storage is low
5.Fixed the problem that Ironbird Riders could not be affected by False Rally
6.Fixed the problem that units usage rate dropped to negative percentage or total usage rate equaled 99% in the leaderboard
7.Fixed the bug that Friends list keeps alternating
8.Added back the missing sound effect for commander skill Bombing Run
9.Fixed the problem of missing sound effect on iPhone6
10.Fixed the problem that the duration of a season does not show on iPhone SE
11.Fixed the problem that command academy level4 is unplayable
12.Fixed that problem that Butchers and Lighting Rays stop reacting after being affected by Full Alert
13.Fixed the problem that units been teleported to the enemy base cannot be attacked by enemies.

30/10/2017 | Versión : 1.1.0 | Tamaño : 1003,7 MB
Latest Updates:
1.Halloween event: the Halloween special map ‘The Haunted Mine’, a newly designed neutral unit, pumpkin coins, Event Store and other new content
2.Halloween exclusive skins: 6 Halloween exclusive unit skins that are only available for purchase from October 26th-November 16th
3.New units: Terran Gorilla, Atlac Gospel Chanter and Yaoguai Mammoth Vanguard are COMING SOON
4.Added resolution and layouts for iPhone X

1.Added 1 second global cooldown for each Commander Skill
2.Changed the rule of tier ‘God of War’. Now when there are 50 Supreme Commanders in the worldwide leaderboard, the top 20 commanders will be titled ‘God of War’
3.Added theme music for Halloween special map ‘The Haunted Mine’

Bug Fixes:
1.Fixed the bug that the kills count of neutral units might go to the enemy side when they are killed by Mega-Beam Cannon
2.Fixed the bug that commanders will occasionally get the vision of the enemy base
3.Fixed the unit’s shadow problem in Ultra/Maximum graphics quality on iPhone 8
4.Fixed the problem that commanders might receive duplicate messages from friend
5.Fixed the problem that runes might be unable to be equipped
6.Fixed the animation problem caused by receiving Warzone EXP
7.Fixed the problem that units might stand still for a long time while being cast Swap
8.Fixed the bug that two aircrafts appeared at the same time when players only cast Airborne once
9.Fixed various errors caused by poor network connection
10.Fixed the problem that background music overlaid with the sound effect from the battle preparation phase
11.Fixed the problem that audio overlaid after entering Custom Game
12.Fixed the error caused by receiving runes from loot chest after battle

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