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Amplify the world around you discreetly with iPhone and iPod touch.
* The most popular hearing app on the App Store.
* Over 60,000 purchased in 55 countries.
* Runs on iOS 4.
* Top 5 medical app.
* Featured by Apple in the "Special Education - Learning for Everyone" category.
* Featured by Apple in the “New & Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorites” categories.

* Included on demo iPhones in Apple Stores nationwide.

* Selected by Apple as the hearing app for Apple's website.

Sounds are sent to your earbuds in real time. Hear what you’d like to hear.

Works in many situations, around the table at home, watching TV, in lecture halls, at parties, wherever you’d like to hear, or overhear, the people around you!

Are you in a noisy coffee shop and you’d like to better hear your friend? That’s easy with soundAMP, just slide the Zoom button to reduce the background sound.

We have tuned soundAMP to provide you crystal clear sound at the maximum volume possible. And with its advanced technology, it even reduces volume over the limit.

Easy to use, and easy to adjust volume, tone and background sound levels too!

Lite is offered at a special value so you can try it. If it works for you great. If you'd like sound control for each ear, more volume, and more features like instant replay, full-length recording and playback, and iOS 4 multitasking, we recommend upgrading to soundAMP R, the best selling full-featured hearing app on the App Store.

* Runs on iOS4 devices, does not support iOS4 multitasking. Upgrade to soundAMP R to get multitasking.
* To achieve highest volume levels when using iOS4, turn off “Volume Limit”. To turn it off, go to Settings, iPod, Volume Limit.
* Works best with wired headsets, headphones & microphones.
* The A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile is not supported due to operating system restrictions. Devices that support both HFP and A2DP will default to monaural HFP. Quality varies greatly among HFP devices.
* iPod touch 2nd generation requires a headset with mic.
* soundAMP does not amplify phone calls or music.

0,99 €

Notas de la versión

Versión : 2.1.4 | Tamaño : 6,6 MB
-iPod 4G compatibility
-Minor bug fix

Imágenes iPhone / iPod :

Imágenes iPhone / iPod


Educación , Medicina

Dispositivos soportados
iPhone4, 3GS, 3G, , 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 Plus, 6
iPad2 Wifi, Wifi, 2 3G, 3G, 4th Gen, Mini 4G, 3rd Gen, Mini, 3rd Gen 4G, 4th Gen 4G
iPodTouch 4th Gen, Touch 3rd Gen, Touch with Microphone, Touch, Touch 5th Gen, Touch 4th Gen

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Precio : 2,29 €
Plataforma : Mac OS
Por Ginger Labs

Precio : 9,99 €
Plataforma : iPhone/iPad
Por Ginger Labs
soundAMP R
soundAMP R

Precio : 4,99 €
Plataforma : iPhone/iPad
Por Ginger Labs

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