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YouTube does not support 4K video playback in Safari. 4Ktube Extension shows a 4K badge in Safari toolbar if a YouTube video you watch offers quality higher than 1080p. Click the toolbar icon to open the video in another web browser and enjoy it in full 4K glory.

This way you can open any page (not just YouTube videos) in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or another app.

You don’t even need a 4K TV or monitor to benefit from this app. Most modern MacBook and iMac models have native resolution higher than the maximum 1080p supported by YouTube on Safari.

How to Play 4K YouTube Videos:

Google uses VP9 video codec to encode YouTube videos that have quality higher than 1080p. Safari does not support that video codec. So to play YouTube videos in 1440p, 2160p or higher quality you’ll have to use a different web browser.

How to Use 4Ktube:

• Download and open 4Ktube app.
• Click “Show in Safari Preferences” button.
• Enable “4Ktube” extension in Safari Extension Preferences.
• Select which browser you’d like to open links in:
Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other app that can handle it.

Now, when you watch YouTube videos in Safari, the extension will let you know if there’s 4K quality available. Look out for the 4K badge in the toolbar. Click the toolbar button to watch the 4K version of the video in another app.

You can open any page in another browser this way. Shift-click the toolbar icon to also close the page in Safari when you open it in elsewhere. This can be set as the default behavior in the app preferences.

2,29 €

Notas de la versión

28/02/2020 | Versión : 1.1.1 | Tamaño : 3,5 MB
• Automatically pause YouTube video in Safari when you open it in a different browser.
• Fixed: 4K quality was not detected for some videos.

14/12/2019 | Versión : 1.1 | Tamaño : 3,5 MB
• New: open a page in Firefox, Opera or another app.
• Fixed: no badge showed up for a pinned YouTube tab.

04/06/2019 | Versión : 1.0.1 | Tamaño : 3,4 MB
An option to automatically close current tab in Safari when it’s opened in Chrome.

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