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Experiential lab environment for learning trading strategies and simulations for students of finance and economics

1. Explore market like a terrain map
2. Do things that only the pros/phds/academics do?
3. See for yourself if expert research and strategies work and discover your own truths
4. Learn, simulate and apply strategies all in one simple to use app with real data
5. Compete with fellow students and take your track record with you like an investment professional

This release is a port of the same product/app that has been available on IOS platform.


Notas de la versión

17/04/2019 | Versión : 3.7.3 | Tamaño : 62,1 MB
1. Launch of new modules on Introduction to Portfolio Management concepts, ETF and Active Investing for US market
2. Integration of presentation and reading materials within the app
3. Launch of NSE 100 stock universe for Simulation and Compete
4. Re-defined user experience for navigation
5. Bug fixes

12/02/2019 | Versión : 3.6.4 | Tamaño : 58,9 MB
1. Enhancements to improve the coverage of user engagements analytics
2. Bug fixes

16/10/2017 | Versión : 3.3.3 | Tamaño : 65,5 MB
New in 3.3:
Introductory module to build portfolio with hints and tips
User-controlled playback and playforward
Improved dynamic scaling
Powerful simulation mode with industry-based stock filters
New stats page with spatial view
Re-design for risk-return and time views
Full explanation of benchmark and portfolio stats
Smart login option to keep user logged in
Enhanced performance with data updates in background
Streamlined gestures in learn and simulate mode


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