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Battle of Geniuses — the first intellectual arena by da Vinci for artists and engineers to fight on equal grounds.

- Answer dozens of thousands of fascinating questions with a source for every question
- Paintings, Maps, Numerical questions — you will find it all
- Upgrade your character's skills and enhance them with more than 150 items
- Challenge intellectuals from around the world in real-time matches and give your friends a dare too
- Quiz mechanics you're not gonna find anywhere else
- Check out our unique game balance that allows a physicist and a poet to combat head-to-head

Become a genius by choosing one of 15 historical characters who truly changed the world — from Galilei to Einstein. Develop your hero, level up, learn skills and compete with players from across the globe.

Download the game now and discover your genius. Learning has never been so exciting!

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Notas de la versión

27/02/2019 | Versión : 3.5.5 | Tamaño : 43,6 MB
- Surrender is not available anymore
- Invite friends
- Game slightly optimized
- Fixed map bug

- You can REBORN at new level 21 and continue the path of true genius
- Choose your reborn genius from 10 New geniuses with only one strong category and improved skill path
- Go for subcategories in every round
- A new node in the Inventory for reborn geniuses
- Fights are Ranked and Normal now
- Ranked fights require energy and give 3x more experience and empower Enlightenment 3x times
- Players cannot face the same opponent twice in a row in Ranked
- Normal fights don't require energy
- Normal fights have more time for every question
- Enlightenment now gives 2% experience and 2 gold for every victory. Ranked fights = 3x Enlightenment
- Charisma now gives +1 Initiative, +2 damage for every category in the very first round and +1 damage in the second one
- Hard currency added
- Players will now have soft currency - gold

- Use different taunts in the beginning/middle/end of the fight
- Discover new taunts with new levels

Battle logs
- Added separate button for Battles log
- Get 3 gold for ranking every question
- Added new achievement Expert

- Tutorial added! Da Vinci will now meet new players
- Sell items
- Change your nickname without changing your genius
- New experience potions
- Slightly changed UI
- Championship now gives a reward for top 20 players
- Statistics now show your Performance in different categories and Winrate in % against different geniuses
- Cooldown decreased for every question in Academy
- Edited more than 4 000 questions including the most reported ones
- Lots of new questions
- Prices slightly rebalanced
- New font
- Fixed some graphics bugs and lots of casual bugs
- Rebranded to Battle of Geniuses in all languages now


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