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It is not just a trivia game – it is a trivia battle, and everyone is fighting for knowledge. The first RPG in trivia games.

- Love brainstorming games? Challenge friends in this amazing quiz app! Duel people from across the world in a challenging quiz battle;
- Guess who is the king of trivia? Join the thrill of guessing game;
- Enjoy endless base of charades, tons of choices, spin thousands of questions in the high-quality graphics mobile game;
- Absolutely stunning game for everyone: charades for kids and more charades for adults to amaze;
- Guess the logo, paintings, images, geographical map, numerical rounds are all part of battles;
- Test your knowledge in 5 different categories: History, Geography, Art, Sports, and Science. Make your choice;
- World famous geniuses are battling each other in the unique game that allows an engineer and an artist to fight and boggle on equal ground.
- Develop your character's skills and enhance them with cool items
- Interactive rounds finish duels by spotting the smartest and most precise players!;
- Boggle with friends and other players about different subjects.

Who's my genius?

Start playing by choosing one of 15 historical characters who changed the world — from Galilei to Queen Victoria. Study and evolve, gain levels, upgrade your skills, amaze, become the cleverest among your friends

Intellectual duels — may the best win

Are you a millionaire mind, and want a bigger challenge than quizlet or jeopardy? World tour brainstorming with people from across the globe to enjoy trivia. Crack your opponents in the online quiz duel.

When players don't know the right answer and both miss — duels lose their savour…
However, it's all different in our game — it only gets more thrilling when people hit wrong answers on interesting questions, the fight goes on.
Group trivia battles: more brains - more fun.
Boggle your friends and amaze opponents, fight through a series of quiz rounds with a team of millionaire minds to win in these brainstorming games. Every member has a vote. The party, which gave the most votes to a correct answer wins. More fun with every round, more knowledge with every answer. Try to guess where is the city on the map, try to remember or guess who is the author of the song. Prepare for an unbelievable quest in the world of charades!

Just like in the Millionaire games? No way

- Jeopardy games is not enough for your genius? Test your knowledge in a true quiz RPG
- You will be amazed by the endless trivia questions in a free quiz game.
- Check your knowledge and get gems for your correct (and even wrong) answers
- Play with friends online. Compete and study at the Academy
- Reach the top list of the smartest and win tournaments
- Not your everyday general knowledge but selected questions only
- Akinator can read your mind, can you read the mind of your opponent?
- Keep guessing every day, train your brain and test your skills, boggle will be a piece of cake for you.
- Unleash your knowledge, knowledge is power!

It's not just a quiz, it's a way! The way of the genius
Become one of the geniuses! Download this boggle game, free for you and your friends now


Notas de la versión

14/12/2019 | Versión : 3.6.3 | Tamaño : 175,9 MB
Enjoy epic 2x2 or 3x3 fights. Invite friends and compete together.
See how choice, numerical and geographical rounds work in group fights.
Get more experience for party fights!
New flags.
New notification system for invitations, duels, friend requests etc.
Questions added and improved.

Lots of new small features and improvements. Enjoy the best trivia in the world.

27/02/2019 | Versión : 3.5.5 | Tamaño : 43,6 MB
- Surrender is not available anymore
- Invite friends
- Game slightly optimized
- Fixed map bug

- You can REBORN at new level 21 and continue the path of true genius
- Choose your reborn genius from 10 New geniuses with only one strong category and improved skill path
- Go for subcategories in every round
- A new node in the Inventory for reborn geniuses
- Fights are Ranked and Normal now
- Ranked fights require energy and give 3x more experience and empower Enlightenment 3x times
- Players cannot face the same opponent twice in a row in Ranked
- Normal fights don't require energy
- Normal fights have more time for every question
- Enlightenment now gives 2% experience and 2 gold for every victory. Ranked fights = 3x Enlightenment
- Charisma now gives +1 Initiative, +2 damage for every category in the very first round and +1 damage in the second one
- Hard currency added
- Players will now have soft currency - gold

- Use different taunts in the beginning/middle/end of the fight
- Discover new taunts with new levels

Battle logs
- Added separate button for Battles log
- Get 3 gold for ranking every question
- Added new achievement Expert

- Tutorial added! Da Vinci will now meet new players
- Sell items
- Change your nickname without changing your genius
- New experience potions
- Slightly changed UI
- Championship now gives a reward for top 20 players
- Statistics now show your Performance in different categories and Winrate in % against different geniuses
- Cooldown decreased for every question in Academy
- Edited more than 4 000 questions including the most reported ones
- Lots of new questions
- Prices slightly rebalanced
- New font
- Fixed some graphics bugs and lots of casual bugs
- Rebranded to Battle of Geniuses in all languages now

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