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Flexible Timers

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Por Xintech LLC

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Powerful and convenient.

As simple as a single timer, or as complex as up to 20 timers, countdowns, clocks and scheduled text messages to phones/emails.

Use anonymously, or register to have your data synchronized real-time across multiple macOS and iOS devices.

Main features:

1) Cloud sync: by registering an account, users can sync their timers to the cloud and across other devices (macOS and iOS);
2) Stopwatch timers: users can add multiple stopwatch timers to track time spent on various activities;
3) Countdown timers: users can specify a duration or a target end time to start a countdown timer;
4) Clock: users can add multiple clocks for different time zones;
5) Sending short emails or text messages: registered users can send short emails or text messages within the app, at scheduled times;
6) Create up to 20 timers (or called tasks), stopwatch/countdown/clock/messages combined, and switch between scroll view or double-column view;
7) Display a summary report about all timers and send the report as an email;
8) Options to display times in units of tenth second, second, or minute. Previously in version 1, all times were displayed in tenth seconds;
9) Light and dark themes friendly;
10) Privacy: when not logged in, no data is sent to server (except Send Report and Send Email or Text Message); when logged in, data are saved locally as well as on cloud server for sync'ing across multiple devices; we will strictly never share with other parities any of user data on the server, unless required by law; user passwords are strongly protected with industry standard PBKDF2 and only resulting hashes are ever sent to server.

We'll appreciate bug reports or feedback to make this app better and more useful.


Notas de la versión

06/06/2019 | Versión : 2.1.3 | Tamaño : 2,2 MB
Clearer type icons for system Light theme.

16/05/2019 | Versión : 2.1.1 | Tamaño : 2,2 MB
Minor UI tweak.

09/05/2019 | Versión : 2.0.12 | Tamaño : 2,2 MB
Now multiple pausable tasks can be running in parallel - to enable this, uncheck "Auto stop non-focused pausable tasks" in Settings.

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