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MarginNote 3, all brand new e-reader to better study and digest your books
Integrating powerful tools for book annotation, mindmapping, flashcards and more, to build up your reading notes as never before.
Welcome to MarginNote. This is a highly powerful reading and study software and is applicable to Mac, iPad, and iPhone. By integrating the PDF/EPUB reader and multiple powerful study tools, MarginNote will enable learners to reorganize and connect knowledge from different aspects, then memorize and grasp it accordingly.

Whatever your profession, such as student, educator, researcher, lawyer, or life-long learner, you may annotate and take notes through MarginNote, organize notes via Mindmap and Outline, connect knowledge horizontally via Hashtag and raise memory effect via the Flashcards.

You will discover what MarginNote does is not to simply integrate these tools. Instead, it combines them deeply and skillfully, which makes it easier for users to toggle between different tools.

What’s New in MarginNote 3
* New and Clean UI Completely redesigned.
* Improved performance and Running more smoothly
* Support both Document Reading mode & Study Reading mode.
* Excerpts & Note-taking
* Enhanced Handwriting support.
* Support TextBox on PDF.
* Support direct text-typing & sketching when editing note cards.
* Support Auto OCR when excerpting on scanned PDFs.
* Emphasis & Cloze
* Support direct emphasis in powerful Emphasis mode both on PDF or Outline.
* Support auto convert emphasis to Cloze in CardDeck.
* Support creating Image-Occlusion flashcards.
* Multi-Documents
* Support both document tabs & split views to switch between documents.
* MindMap
* Auto grouping new excerpts by Document Table of Contents.
* Support new brach display mode: Framework.
* Swipe/Drag gestures to slide in/out Outline & Documents in Study mode.
* Enhanced grouped cut/paste, drag to merge,.. etc.
* Outline
* Improved search and displaying keywords in results.
* Improved styles.
* CardDeck:
* View Flashcards in MindMap mode and Document mode.
* Enhanced Anki Export: Card styles, Image occlusions, Cloze
* Enhanced Research web browser.
* iCloud Sync
* Fixed several design issue in previous versions.
* More stable & improved performance.
* Categories
* Separate categories for Document, Study and Review.
* Trash
* Recover data from Trash and make data more safe.
* Trial
* 14-days free trial.

MarginNote 2.X features:
- Support PDF and EPUB format;

Annotating and NoteTaking:
- Support text highlight and rectangular highlight;
- Add notes directly at the page margin; the note editing area will not overlap with the book content at all;
- Text, voice, picture, sketching and many other forms of comments in note;
- Add hashtags to notes to facilitate the connection of notes;

Outline and Mindmap:
- Outline and Mindmap in one view;
- Create Outline tree by swipe gestures;
- Multi-selection editing such as group, merge, clone, etc;
- Quick searching and filtering according to colors, hashtags, books.

- Highlights and notes can be automatically turned into flashcards for review;
- Spaced repetition adopting the Anki-based algorithm;
- Switch to the linking book page at any time;

Import, Export and Sync:
- Import webpages and notes from Evernote;
- Export flashcards to Anki;
- Export Outline to OmniOutliner;
- Export Mindmap to iThoughts or MindManager;
- Export to Evernote;
- Export all the margin notes, MindManager, Outline and related PDF/EPUB to a printable PDF;
- Sync books&notes with iCloud;

Feel free to drop us a line!


Notas de la versión

02/06/2019 | Versión : 3.3.3 | Tamaño : 228,9 MB
* This version fixes some crash issues.
* Support for oblique line pens.
* Fix drawing errors caused by pen switching.
* Fix bugs in tag deletion.

15/05/2019 | Versión : 3.3 | Tamaño : 229,2 MB
This release updates the user guide and some features
* Updated user guide. The guide organizes some material in the form of a MarginNote MindMap, including an article by a blogger, and some operational guidance videos.
* Support Summary organization function in MindMap.
* Support Video Documents for video excerpts and support export to Anki.
* Optimized some features and fixed some bugs.

17/04/2019 | Versión : 3.2.9 | Tamaño : 199,0 MB
Problem fixing:
* Fixed an issue where the emphasis was lost when modifying the excerpt range.
* Fixed an error in searching or reading certain PDF documents due to internal code errors.
* Improve the way the document Tab is displayed in the Study mode.
* Fixed a crash issue with some PDF documents open.
* Fix bugs in global search notes in document mode.

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