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Por Tanner Silva

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0,89 €

Podsnatcher is a podcasting client for your desktop computer.

Brief Highlights:
- Retina Display support
- Download episodes for offline use (or use outside of Podsnatcher)
- Pin video playback windows above all windows and applications
- Search and explore the expansive iTunes podcast directory
- Custom appearance
- Manage and enjoy your favorite podcasts with ease

Follow @podsnatcher on Twitter for support, news, and feature requests.

0,89 €

Notas de la versión

16/04/2013 | Versión : 1.1.1 | Tamaño : 1,5 MB
- Episode caching is back. Right click on any episode and select the cache option to cache an episode for offline playback.
- Episode files can now be moved to the downloads folder.
- Pin the video window above all other windows (including browser windows). Right-click on the window title bar to toggle this mode.
- Small performance improvements.

05/02/2013 | Versión : 1.1 | Tamaño : 1,5 MB
Improvements include...
- The crashing bugs present in v1.0 have been fixed.
- Primary window has been rewritten from the ground up with simplicity in mind.
- Artwork is now shown in the episode list.
- Unplayed episodes are now represented as numbers instead of blue dots in the left column.
- Episodes can be in a "half-played" state, along with the usual "played" and "unplayed" states.
- Podsnatcher now uses SQLite as the primary database technology. This provides significant performance improvements throughout the application.
- 85% less memory consumption
- 80% faster launch times
- Podsnatcher no longer freezes (momentarily) when initializing audio/video streams
- Automatic refreshing has been disabled to reduce power consumption on battery powered devices. (This feature is being re-worked, and will return in the next release).
- New episodes are no longer cached automatically. This reduces power consumption and disk footprint. (Caching will return in the near future).
- The "Unplayed" playlist is automatically selected when the app is launched
- Many more performance tweaks and improvements

Follow @podsnatcher on Twitter for questions and feature requests.

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